I was lucky enough to attend the opening of ICON Gym in Maidenhead last December and Greg the owner promised me a 1:1 session at the gym to show me the space properly and how it all works. I used to be an avid gym goer but got bored with traditional gyms so I was keen to check out a gym that promises to be different.

Greg has been a trainer for ten years and wanted to create an environment that is accessible, friendly, high-end but also gets great results. He’s looked at the 1:1 training concept and made it more affordable and effective.

The gym has free parking and is conveniently located on Grenfell Road in Maidenhead. The workout space itself is spotlessly clean and well equipped. There are four stations where you can work out at and air conditioning to keep you cool.

Greg explained that he wanted to change the PT model where someone invests £40 a week but doesn’t get any progression because they only work out once a week or perhaps they get complacent and stop getting results because they are using the same trainer for a long time.

My session with Greg was great, we managed a whole body workout in 45 minutes using a variety of the gym equipment. There are screens with your workout up on it, so you can follow what you are doing. After putting me through my paces (boy did my legs hurt the next day!), Greg explained how the gym works.

Prices start at £99 and go up to £179. The top tier membership gives you access to 12 PT sessions a month – with a minimum of four in a session. These are offered hourly and it’s still cheaper than a weekly trainer! You also have access to the group exercise sessions. The membership also includes a consultation with the in-house nutritionist. Greg believes a holistic approach to fitness and attending a variety of PT sessions and classes will lead to the best results. He is also planning a yoga and Pilates studio, which I think will be a great addition to what they offer already.

If you are a bit of a gym-phobe or haven’t tried a PT before this is the perfect gym for you. There aren’t loads of mirrors up and the staff are super friendly.

You can trial the gym for just £50 for the first month. Check out: www.icongym.co.uk/get-started.html

To find out more about the gym visit www.icongym.co.uk

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