Yve Audaer is a weight loss coach and mentor. Who helps people lose weight with a healthy, sustainable plan. Here are her six top tips for successful weight loss.

  • Really dig deep to analyse why losing weight is important to you. As soon as we say we need to do it, the less likely we are to embark on any weight loss programme with enthusiasm or determination. We need to want to do it for ourselves and not for anyone else.

    Change your mindset so you can lose weight easily

    Change your mindset to lose weight easily

  • Change your ‘diet’ mindset. Embark on the weight loss journey knowing and believing that this will be the very last time you do it because you will lose the weight and keep it off for good. Starting and failing ‘diets’ can do further damage to our self-esteem. Think of it as a change in lifestyle, a forever lifestyle, and know that it’s never, ever too late.
  • Think like a ‘naturally slim’ person. They don’t weigh themselves every day, or several times each day. Weigh yourself once a week, at the same time and on the same day, for a realistic weight loss result. ‘Naturally slim’ people don’t reward themselves with high calorie treats, which can often culminate in a binge. Slim people move more. They don’t go to the gym every day, they take the stairs rather than the lift. They walk more too, there is nothing like a power walk to burn the calories and clear your head.
  • Eating fruit and vegetables can help weight loss

    Make sure you eat a rainbow of fruit & veg

    Eat for nutrition. By ensuring that at least 50% of your plate is a riot of colour in the form of salad and veggies will often negate the need to take additional supplements. Eating good quality lean protein and bulking your meals out with vegetables will ensure you are never hungry but are cutting a substantial amount of calories.

  • Drink! Water is the best internal beauty treatment ever! We spend a lot of money making sure the outside of our body is nourished, cleansed, moisturised etc. Yet we often forget to think about what is going on inside. Drink 2.5 litres of still water every day, starting early and sipping regularly. It will also help as an appetite suppressant and keep you focused. I often get asked whether an alternative such as sugar-free squash, diet coke, tea, coffee, etc. will do instead. I always reply, ‘Would you wash your face in it’? That’s not to say you can’t have other drinks, of course you can. Just make sure you are drinking that all important 2.5 litres of H2O at day!
  • Share your goal. We can be our own worst saboteurs – we don’t need any encouragement to go off track! By sharing your weight loss goal and your desire to change will hopefully stop people saying, ‘Well, one drink/a piece of cake/a few chips/a biscuit’ won’t hurt. It actually does make a difference and can derail your plans. Ask friends and family to support you on your weight loss journey.

Yve Audaer, is a qualified Psychologist and Clinical Weight Loss advisor and coaches individuals and small groups how to lose weight, with her programme 6 for Success.  She provides excellent support, coaching, and motivation to empower people to achieve their weight loss goals. To find out more you can check out her facebook page.

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